How our scholarship program works (Dec. '19)

The Footy Foundation works with Footy Training Clubs to build a scholarship for the most deserving recipient of that club. Recipients will have the ability to grow the initial scholarship until their high school graduation. Details on the growth of each scholarship are below.
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Step 1.  The initial base scholarship.

Footy Training will automatically donate a percentage of proceeds back to the Scholarship Foundation recipients of each Footy Training Club or Footy Training Camp as an initial base scholarship.  Notify us through the contact form below if you would like your club/camp to become an official Footy Training Club or Camp.

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Step 2. Use a variety of scholarship sources.

In addition to the automatic base scholarship, each recipient will be able to grow their amount through a variety of additional sources. The table below will lists a ways to increase a scholarship.

Step 3. Grow your scholarship over time.

The additional benefit of a Footy Foundation Scholarship is its ability to grow over time. Recipients are able to build their scholarship for 1-3 years until gradutaion. The figure below gives a visual representation of the scholarship growth concept.