Why do we exist?

The Footy Foundation exists to assure players get a positive experience from playing the game, through the investment in exceptional student athletes dedicated to leadership, service, and action that positively affects others.

We Recognize Leaders

Too often the best player is the immediate recipient of all recognition.  The Footy Foundation exists, instead to recognize players and mentors that serve to lead and inspire.  To those who live to help the teammates and community members around them; they are our mission to serve.

Social Change

1. Players need to have positive experiences from playing the game.  

2. We MUST emphasize lessons learned from sport.  The values that come through playing sports allows us to better serve the teammates and partners in the life that follows our athletic careers.   

3. We MUST recognize the leaders that serve as agents to bring out the positive experiences and values in others. 

Our Leadership

The Footy Foundation’s Board Members not only have experience as student athletes and collegiate coaches, but at the same time share common vision of leadership and service towards others.